Co-op - Helping People In Grief Over Christmas


For many of us, the D(eath) word has become a no-go area since the pandemic with so many experiencing a loss, the Co-op’s campaign looked at how grief impacts us at Christmas. During the festive season we worry about saying the wrong thing or putting our foot in it – which appears to be making those grieving feel lost.

In reality, grieving people want to spend more time talking about their loved ones.

Data from the Co-op revealed that some 28M of us lost a loved one over the last few years. Sadly, for 48%, the death of their loved one was unexpected, which we know can considerably impact how we grieve.

As a result, it is perhaps unsurprising that over 16M say that this impacted their mental health negatively.


Be Broadcast highlighted that Christmas would be a hugely challenging and reflective time for those in grief, especially if people shy away from talking about the lost loved one.

We brought in Jake Quickenden – who lost his brother and father – and has talked openly about the grief he faces and how this has impacted his mental health. He conveyed the things that helped him connect with the nation over a difficult subject.


Jake was able to connect with outlets and stations across the country, including Smooth, ITV News, BBC Look North, LBC National and LBC News, GB News, TalkTV, Sky News, BBC London, Shropshire, Humberside, Derby, Oxford, Manchester and many more.

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