Chef & Brewer - Golden Nectar

Bumblebees have been crowned the nation’s favourite back garden insect, with 66% of Brits voting for them, highlighting their popularity and crucial role in UK biodiversity.

Despite the popularity of bees, over a third of Brits feel undereducated about biodiversity, though 76% are willing to improve habitats for pollinators if given the right information and tools.

Frances Tophill shares practical tips for enhancing garden biodiversity, including rewilding, creating ponds, and planting flowers like lavender that attract pollinators.

Chef & Brewer pubs have launched a limited-edition cask ale, Golden Nectar, donating 20p from every pint sold to a division of The Wildlife Trust, and offering seed paper beer coasters to support local wildlife at home.

The campaign achieved significant media attention, securing spots across a wide array of broadcast platforms:

Absolute Radio, Greatest Hits Radio, Hits Radio, Magic: These major national stations discussed the campaign, emphasising the importance of biodiversity and promoting the initiatives led by Chef & Brewer in partnership with Frances Tophill.

BBC Wiltshire, BBC Gloucestershire, BBC Somerset, BBC Bristol, BBC Swindon: These stations featured discussions on the campaign’s regional impact, promoting Frances Tophill’s tips and Chef & Brewer’s biodiversity efforts in their pub gardens.

BBC Merseyside, BBC Lancashire, BBC Cumbria: Focused on the local impact of the campaign and how regional pub gardens are becoming more biodiverse.

The “Chef & Brewer Pubs for Bees” campaign effectively raised awareness about the critical role of bumblebees in UK biodiversity. By leveraging a multi-faceted media strategy, the campaign successfully reached a diverse audience, promoting practical tips for enhancing garden biodiversity and the collaborative efforts of Chef & Brewer pubs.

Frances Tophill’s involvement brought expert credibility and practical advice to the campaign, making the information accessible and actionable for the public. The introduction of Golden Nectar cask ale and seed paper beer coasters added a tangible element to the campaign, encouraging pub-goers to contribute to biodiversity efforts.

The campaign’s extensive reach, evidenced by a total reach of nearly 50 million through broadcast opportunities, along with the positive feedback from media outlets, underscores the resonance of the campaign’s core messages with the public. By promoting biodiversity and the role of pollinators like bumblebees, the campaign contributed to fostering a more environmentally conscious and engaged society.