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Be Broadcast partnered with Brookfield and Partners to promote its sustainable office report and generate extensive media coverage. The challenge was to secure interviews and feature the report in top-tier outlets, effectively raising awareness of the importance of sustainable workplaces and aligning with the expectations of the modern workforce.


Be Broadcast executed a comprehensive PR campaign to maximise media exposure and generate valuable interviews. The key actions taken were:

  1. Media Engagement Strategy: Be Broadcast identified a wide range of outlets, across TV and Radio including BBC World Service TV, BBC News Channel, BBC Two, London Live TV, Sky News Radio, and various regional radio stations, to target diverse audiences across the UK and beyond.
  2. Facilitating Interviews: Be Broadcast coordinated interviews with key stakeholders involved in the sustainable office report, including representatives from Brookfield and Partners. These interviews provided a platform to discuss the findings, insights, and implications of the report, effectively positioning Brookfield and Partners as industry thought leaders.


The PR campaign led by Be Broadcast achieved exceptional media success, with interviews and coverage generating significant reach and engagement. The results include:

  1. Extensive Reach: The campaign reached an impressive total audience of 601,908,900 across various outlets, both nationally and internationally. This broad reach ensured that the sustainable office report’s key messages and findings reached a wide audience, including industry professionals, employees, employers, and the public.
  2. Prominent Outlets and Transcripts: The report and interviews were featured in respected media outlets, including BBC World Service TV, BBC News Channel, BBC Two, London Live TV, and Sky News Radio. The interviews provided detailed transcripts that allowed audiences to engage with the content and gain deeper insights into the topic of sustainable office spaces spaces while positioning Brookfield and Partners as industry thought leaders.
  3. Industry-Leading Radio Networks: The PR campaign successfully secured coverage on numerous radio networks, such as Absolute Radio Network, Capital Network, Heart Network, Magic Network, Smooth Radio Network, Times Radio, and Virgin Radio Network. These networks reached millions of listeners, expanding the impact of the sustainable office report and generating valuable discussions around sustainability in the workplace.

By strategically engaging with a wide range of outlets and facilitating impactful interviews, Be Broadcast effectively positioned Brookfield and Partners as leaders in sustainable office design. The PR campaign generated extensive reach, promoted industry thought leadership, and sparked meaningful conversations about sustainability in the workplace.

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