British Glass - Mr Motivator Mullers Microplastics


New Year, New You? No thanks.

This theme feels somewhat tired, so Be Broadcast teamed up with British Glass to build a unique spin on the theme.

Of course, we want to take care of ourselves – and January is the perfect time to think about that – but what about what goes into our bodies? British Glass highlighted how Microplastics are increasingly present in our lives – in ways we wouldn’t expect.

Be Broadcast data showed that 84% of us have no idea that Microplastics are hiding away in our homes.

So, who better to help explain this all to the nation, bridge the health and fitness of New Year, New You and have fun than Mr Motivator?


The 90s icon created a TikTok-inspired video distilling the five things we can do at home to reduce the amount of Microplastics we have to deal with.


Mr Motivator delivered just shy of 1,000 items

  • Media coverage: Heart Radio Breakfast Show with Jamie and Amanda – which they used his messaging section in bulletins, online and on social throughout the day
  • Media outlets: Interviews with BBC Sport, Norfolk, Kent, Wiltshire, Leeds, Shropshire, Humberside, WM, Hereford and Worcester, Jersey, Guernsey, Lancashire and many more.

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