AXA Insurance - Amy Conroy's Inspiring Journey to Overcoming Challenges


Be Broadcast worked closely with AXA Insurance, sharing Amy Conroy’s inspiring journey to overcome challenges addressing the increasing prevalence of mental health struggles and burnout risks in the UK. The challenge was to highlight the extent of the mental health crisis, emphasising the economic impact and the need for proactive measures to combat burnout.


Be Broadcast collaborated with AXA Insurance to share Team GB Paralympian Amy Conroy’s personal story of resilience and triumph over mental health challenges. By leveraging the agency’s expertise in storytelling and communication, the case study effectively combined personal narratives with research-backed information to raise awareness, encourage dialogue, and promote proactive steps to address mental well-being.

Campaign Highlights:

    1. Economic Impact: The case study revealed the staggering £28bn loss to the UK economy last year due to poor mental health at work, with 23 million working days lost. Be Broadcast highlighted the urgency of addressing mental health challenges in the workplace and the broader community.
    2. Amy Conroy’s Inspiring Journey: Be Broadcast presented Amy Conroy’s personal story of resilience, overcoming cancer, and becoming a Paralympic champion. Her journey served as a source of inspiration, motivating individuals to speak up and seek help for burnout and stress.
    3. Raising Awareness: Through strategic storytelling and effective communication, Be Broadcast generated awareness about the mental health crisis in the UK. The case study encouraged individuals to take proactive steps towards improving mental well-being and seeking support when needed.


  • Media coverage: The case study was featured on prominent TV outlets such as Sky News Ian King, and London Live. It also received coverage on agenda-setting radio stations, including BBC Radio London, Manchester, Cumbria, Tees, Leeds and many more.
  • Reach: This extensive media coverage amplified the reach of the campaign and sparked widespread conversations about the mental health crisis in the UK.

Be Broadcast’s collaboration with AXA Insurance and Amy Conroy successfully shed light on the mental health crisis and burnout risks faced by individuals in the UK. Through the power of storytelling and effective communication, the case study encouraged dialogue, motivated individuals to seek support, and emphasised the importance of proactive measures to improve mental well-being.

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