ASDA - Ramadan & EID Feast Without The Fret

Over 89% of British Muslims report that the cost-of-living crisis will significantly impact their Ramadan and Eid celebrations, revealing widespread financial strain within the community.

Drastic Cutbacks: 50% of respondents are reducing food quantities, and 34% are skimping on Eid gifts, showcasing the severe impact of economic hardship on traditional festivities.

Cultural Tension: A staggering 66% feel pressured to overspend during the holy season, highlighting the conflict between cultural expectations and financial reality.

Budget-Friendly Solutions: In response, Asda has partnered with MasterChef winner Shelina Permalloo to offer budget-friendly, flavourful Ramadan recipes starting at just 90p, providing a practical solution for economically strained celebrants.

As Ramadan and Eid approach, these vibrant traditions bring spiritual renewal and joyous feasts. However, many are feeling the financial squeeze. Asda and Shelina Permalloo are here to show that you can still sprinkle joy on your Eid celebrations without breaking the bank.

The campaign received extensive media coverage, reaching a broad audience through various radio platforms.

BBC 5 Live: Highlighted the collaboration with Shelina Permalloo, discussing the campaign’s goal to provide budget-friendly recipes and alleviate financial stress during Ramadan and Eid. The program reached an audience of over 5.2 million listeners.

The campaign was featured on multiple regional BBC radio stations, including BBC Manchester, BBC Lancashire, BBC Merseyside, BBC Berkshire, BBC Oxford, BBC Solent, and many others. These stations collectively reached millions, spreading the message of the campaign across the UK.

Other radio stations such as STV, Siren, BCB, WCR, Gateway, BBC Jersey, BBC Guernsey, and various local BBC stations also covered the campaign. This ensured the message reached diverse demographics, emphasizing the importance of economical solutions during Ramadan and Eid.

The ASDA Ramadan and Eid campaign successfully addressed the financial concerns of the British Muslim community during the holy month. By offering affordable and delicious recipes, the campaign provided a tangible solution for families feeling the economic strain.

The campaign’s comprehensive media strategy enabled it to reach a total audience of over 15 million. The qualitative feedback from media outlets and listeners underscores the campaign’s success in resonating with the public and effectively communicating the benefits of the budget-friendly recipes and the convenience of Asda’s offerings.

The partnership with Shelina Permalloo added credibility and appeal to the campaign, highlighting Asda’s commitment to supporting its customers during challenging times. This collaboration showcased how strategic media engagement and innovative solutions could address critical societal issues and provide real value to the community.

The ASDA Ramadan and Eid campaign exemplifies how businesses can combine creativity with empathy to make a significant impact, ensuring that traditional celebrations remain joyous and stress-free despite economic hardships.