Arla Cravendale - Do Cows Listen To JLS?


To launch Arla Cravendale animal care and welfare standards, Arla Cravendale released a soothing remix of the classic hit, Everybody’s Free, sung by farmers, to celebrate its herd’s access to pasture.

Why? Studies have suggested that songs that play under 100BPM can calm a herd, so Arla Cravendale created a tune that melts the voices of real Arla farmers with the gentle moos and soothing sounds typically found on farms, which will then be played to cows across the country.


Be Broadcast’s approach to help raise awareness of these new standards – which also include cooperation, a focus on renewable energy and taking care of the ecosystem) we shone a light on the bit, which would make all of our ears prick up.

We knew that one of the most significant challenges for broadcast media is knowing who is listening – which we could define as many farms indeed play their local stations. This approach worked incredibly well with stations and presenters being able to ‘find the fun’ within a corporate announcement.

To round this off and link back to our farming credentials, we teamed up with JB Gill, who spans both farming and music, to explore why Arla Cravendale farmers were taking this action.

And, of course, to reveal whether cows were fans of JLS music…


By really amping up the fun of this campaign, we were able to secure strong and consistent messaging across core media, including Steph’s Packed Lunch, BBC Lancashire, BBC Hereford and Worcester, BBC Shropshire, BBC Jersey, BBC Scotland, BBC Nottingham, BBC Guernsey, GB News, Closer Magazine and The Sun.

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