After Eight – Christmas 2022 and Master of Celebrations


We all knew Christmas 2022 would feel odd due to the cost-of-living crisis.

And it followed the last few Christmases, which were REALLY odd – so you’ll be forgiven if you have found things a little tough.

Be Broadcast teamed up with the ULTIMATE Christmas tradition – After Eight – to explore what Christmas would genuinely look like in 2022.

Key stats driving the campaign:

  1. Although times are tough, the data showed that for many, these more challenging times might change how we look at the festive season for the better. Many reported going perhaps more ‘back to basics’ and seeing us focus on people and the little moments that matter over the big and extravagant presents.
  2. The Christmas Parties and get-togethers we all know and love were going nowhere, just changing.
  3. According to After Eight, Christmas 2022 helped to usher in some brand new traditions which take the financial challenges off of individual people as we seek to club together.
  4. 74% of people are open to and planning to suggest a ‘kitty’ for drinks at someone’s house – and it makes sense. Hosting a party is stressful enough, and it could be that the cost burden always falls on one person or one household.
  5. On top of this, 40% of households are planning on sharing the cost of Christmas this year – with 39% of people going to someone else’s home for the meal planning on chipping in.


We brought in self-confessed Christmasaholic Sam Thompson, who could reveal how we were approaching Christmas 2022 differently and encourage the nation to take up the After Eight challenge he posted on Instagram.


Sam spoke with several major media outlets including:

  • talkRADIO, TalkTV, BBC Three Counties, London, Derby, Oxford, Sussex, Surrey, Closer Magazine and much more.

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