Charities Quit Gov LGBT+ Conference


Be Broadcast and the LGBT Consortium proactively dominated the news agenda to ensure that people understood the differences between affirmative therapy (helping people explore) and conversion therapy (where you go in with a decided outcome – to change something).


Be Broadcast’s aim here was to convey unity amongst the LGBT community and hold the Government to account. Broadcast works perfectly for a story like this – as it’s where you reach people’s hearts and minds.


The success of this campaign will be when conversion therapy is banned – but according to YouGov/The Times data from the following week, two-thirds of Brits (65%) say conversion therapy should be banned – so the message is resonating with audiences.

Paul Roberts OBE, CEO of LGBT Consortium, said, “We cannot emphasise enough how Be Broadcast evolved the story for us. As an umbrella group, it can be challenging to find the right time to speak – and Josh was able to guide us through the entire process, provide on-the-spot media training and help us articulate what we wanted to say in the best way. We have never experienced media results the like Be Broadcast delivered in our entire history – notably where we can look back and count how our voice and messages were delivered. We look forward to a long-running relationship between Be Broadcast, us and our members.”

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