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Mission Control

Be Broadcast’s Mission Control applies a data science approach to broadcast strategy. Its name is no mistake.

  • Have you ever wondered what broadcast thinks about you, about your competitors or about the sector you are in?
  • Have you ever wondered who in your set – either direct or messaging – is winning broadcast… and why?
  • Have you ever wondered what the grey areas are in your space within broadcast which might help you to take advantage of competitive edge?
  • Are your speakers ready to engage and speak with broadcasters?
  • Have you ever tested your crisis plans in a live environment under strict embargo?

Be Broadcast’s Mission Control provides human-led data analysis with PR advice and guidance.

Mission Control - Sunak Vs Starmer

In this series, Mission Control explores how Rishi Sunak and Keir Starmer fare throughout 2024.

Mission Control Media Training

Full day of media training, homework ahead of time to get everyone on the same page – your speakers leave feeling confident and ready to take on media interviews.

Mission control offers three types of media training Spokesperson Development Spokespeople are the face of your organisation. Their ability to communicate effectively can greatly impact the perception of the mission they represent. That’s why media training is so important for spokespeople. Media training equips them with the skills and knowledge necessary to communicate confidently and effectively with the media.

Effective media training can help spokespeople to build confidence and credibility when speaking with the media. They can learn techniques to maintain composure, stay on message, and handle tough questions. This can help them to effectively communicate key messages in a clear and concise manner.

Mission Control media training provides spokespeople with the skills they need. The focus here is on the practical rather than theory. The process begins with both spokespeople and PR teams undertaking confidential detailed analysis of media experience, concerns and challenges. We use this to form the backbone of our approach.

Following the session we provide a full and frank report – including actions for both PR team and spokespeople to work on.

This includes a short video of the core elements – specific to the
spokesperson (meaning they can watch on-demand ahead of any future media engagement to remind themselves).

Mission Control Insights

Monthly or ongoing – we’ll deliver you insights on what is happening with your brand, your competitors or your audiences across broadcast channels.

At Be Broadcast, we offer a unique perspective on the competitive landscape of broadcast media, providing in-depth analysis of how your competitors (both direct and messaging) are approaching the market, as well as a comprehensive overview of how subjects are being covered across all media in data-driven terms.

Our team of experts leverages the latest technology to analyse and track all editorial coverage, including sentiment, outreach, depth, and the preferences of key influencers and stakeholders.

By partnering with us, you’ll benefit from our strategic consultancy services, which provide insights into how each organisation is approaching broadcast media and how you can position yourself in the market to gain that all important competitive advantage.

Our data-driven approach allows you to not only base your broadcast campaign on strategic insights for your organisation but also on a comprehensive understanding of the broader competitive landscape.

In short – you will learn who is winning your space, why and what you can do to either retain or grow share of voice.

Mission Control gives you the tools and expertise you need to achieve measurable communications goals and stay ahead of the curve in an ever-evolving media landscape.

Mission Control LIVE

Be broadcast will host your crisis plans in a live scenario with industry media, broadcasters and social experts to underline your strategy – followed by action planning to bring clarity to grey areas.

Planning for a PR crisis is crucial for any company, because when a crisis hits, it can cause significant damage to reputation, brand image, and bottom line.

But when broadcast isn’t your speciality – are you confident your current plans will stand up? Especially when a broadcast decamps outside of your HQ?

Our approach to crisis planning puts current plans to the test – identifying and challenging the company against macro and micro factors with a view of finding grey areas.

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