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Be Broadcast's Little Book

Join Be Broadcast’s Little Book

Be Broadcast’s ‘Little Book’ is an indispensable weekly guide distributed to core media, featuring a variety of voices from numerous sectors. Alongside, we highlight the week’s potential news hooks, suggesting appropriate expert groups for each.

The ‘Little Book’ has established itself as a key resource for media professionals seeking relevant spokespeople or filming locations. Its regular circulation has resulted in spontaneous media coverage, keeping our clients in constant media consideration.

The guide’s flexibility allows adaptation to key events, promising wide-ranging coverage. Our success-related model charges only upon successful placements—£400 for national and £200 for regional coverage—making it risk-free.

Broadcasters are continually looking for authoritative voices. By appearing in ‘Little Book’, you could emerge as their preferred commentator, steering the narrative towards your expertise areas.

How It Works:

Each Monday, we send the ‘Little Book’ to media outlets, featuring key hooks and potential commentators. The preceding week, we work with you, our ‘Little Bookers’, to identify suitable hooks for you. With no binding contracts, you have full freedom to accept or decline bids. We manage the media interactions, ensuring a smooth process for you.

Our ‘Little Book’ boasts a diverse portfolio of contributors across various sectors, ready to share the week’s key stories with you.

So, if you have something interesting to say – sign up.


PLEASE NOTE: All charities recieve Little Book for free – no fees apply.

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