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As we commemorate the 90th anniversary of analogue FM radio transmissions, patented on 26 December 1933, it’s apt to reflect on this technology’s remarkable evolution. FM radio, a significant advancement over its predecessor, AM radio, became popular due to its efficiency in filtering out noise produced in receivers by vacuum tubes and for offering superior sound dynamics, greatly enhancing musical broadcasts.

A study by Verified Market Research, a prominent global research and consultancy firm, underscores FM radio’s enduring relevance and financial strength. In 2019, the global FM radio market was valued at an impressive $267.71 billion, with projections indicating an increase to $458.09 billion by 2027. This sustained popularity highlights FM radio’s significant role in the modern media landscape.

Marco Rossignoli, the coordinator of Aeranti-Corallo, representing approximately 450 Italian local FM radio stations, highlights the ongoing reliance on FM radio for broadcasting in Italy and numerous other countries. He advocates for the integration of digital transmission technologies, such as DAB+ and IP, alongside existing FM broadcasts. According to Rossignoli, this collaborative approach will not only preserve FM radio’s legacy but also enhance the radio listening experience by incorporating innovative features from digital technologies.

As we mark this significant milestone, it’s evident that FM radio, a technology almost a century old, continues to occupy a pivotal position in the broadcasting world, adapting and flourishing amidst the constantly evolving landscape of media and technology.

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