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Be Broadcast is a specialist broadcast PR consultancy.

Senior ConsultancyDelivery is what sets us apart.

Be Broadcast is a Broadcast PR agency – this means we’ll get you on TV and Radio. To get there, we’ll get under the skin of your brand and build a campaign which fits both key messaging and the key factors broadcasters will need. Our USP is Senior Delivery and Senior Consultancy. Put simply this means the person you deal with will be the person who also deals with media. All too often in this sector, things are lost in translation as they are handed over. We also limit the number of campaign launches to one per week – meaning that your story is not competing internally at Be Broadcast with other clients or campaigns. It also means that your key moment has the entire focus and attention it deserves. The consultancy is led by Josh Wheeler who has 10 years of experience in broadcast PR (with a further five in traditional PR). His award-winning work spans some of the leading broadcast consultancies in the UK – he is now aiming to reshape the way we look at broadcast PR.

Broadcast Media Relations

Broadcast Consultancy

Helping you to craft the story upfront to deliver the best results.


Broadcast Media Relations

Delivering a minimum of 15 items of coverage across TV and Radio.

£2,500 + VAT

Spokesperson Procurement

Making recommendations, agent negotiations, and contracts – dependent upon talent.

Variable Pricing

Consumer Research

10 Qs to 1,000 UK Adults. Other samples advised based on the campaign.

£2,000 + VAT

Global Broadcast Media Relations

Delivering a minimum of 10 items of coverage across TV and Radio.

£2,500 + VAT

Media Training

Complete package getting spokespeople campaign ready for TV and Radio interviews

£1,000 + VAT


Development, Planning, and Creation

Episode arc, speaker/host recommendations, and recording.

£7,000 + VAT

Podcast Hosting

Delivery across Apple Podcasts, Spotify, Google Podcasts, and other platforms.

£1,000 + VAT Per Year

Podcast Promotion

Dependent upon the audience – quoted separately.

Variable Pricing

Media Clippings Service

AdHoc TV Clippings

Delivery of one-off TV clip.

£50 + VAT

Week Long Monitoring

Want to know if a story has landed? We’ll monitor and deliver all clips landing that week.

£700 + VAT

AdHoc Radio Clippings

Delivery of one-off Radio clip

£50 + VAT

Day Monitoring

Want to know if a story has landed? We’ll monitor and deliver all clips landing that day.

£250 + VAT

Ongoing Human Monitoring

Daily monitoring roundup with insight and recommendations delivered.

£1,000 + VAT per month

Broadcast In Context

6 Month Review of Brand Broadcast

Quant and Qual analysis of brand broadcast performance over 6 months delivered in PowerPoint with PR recommendations Insight PR recommendations delivered in PowerPoint (and presented).

£500 + VAT

6 Month Review of Competitor and Broadcast

Quant and Qual analysis to help you understand which brands are winning your sector in broadcast and why. Learn the grey areas and weak spots in strategy to take advantage. Insight PR recommendations delivered in PowerPoint (and presented).

£1,000 + VAT

Monthly Ongoing Review of Competitor and Broadcast

Monthly Quat and Qual analysis of sector delivered and presented.

£300 + VAT per month

Our work

Epilepsy Action

Epilepsy Action, in collaboration with Be Broadcast, aimed to combat public seizure stigma and raise awareness about the challenges faced by individuals with epilepsy. The task was to secure media interviews, coverage, and encourage public engagement to amplify the campaign’s message and drive positive change.

To address this challenge, Be Broadcast implemented a strategic PR campaign based on thorough research and insights. The campaign strategy included message development, multi-stakeholder engagement, and integrated communications to maximise reach and engagement. Epilepsy Action also gathered compelling case studies to further emphasise the impact of public seizures.


  1. Total Media Coverage: The campaign garnered 1,178 pieces of coverage across broadcast, print, and online platforms, ensuring extensive reach and visibility.
  2. Total Reach: The campaign achieved a remarkable reach of 2,144,901,216 across 1,174 opportunities, showcasing the wide dissemination of the campaign’s message and the engagement it generated.
  3. Website Traffic: The campaign led to a significant increase in website traffic, with a 25% spike on the broadcast day and a notable increase during the BBC Breakfast interview.
title epilepsy action and media photos

AXA Insurance

In collaboration with Be Broadcast, AXA Insurance partnered with Team GB Paralympian Amy Conroy to address the mental health crisis and burnout risks faced by individuals in the UK. Through a compelling case study, Be Broadcast sheds light on Amy’s inspiring journey and the efforts of AXA Insurance to raise awareness about mental health challenges.


The case study was featured on prominent TV outlets such as Sky News Ian King, and London Live. It also received coverage on agenda-setting radio stations, including BBC Radio London, Manchester, Cumbria, Tees, Leeds and many more.

  1. Economic Impact: The case study revealed the staggering £28bn loss to the UK economy last year due to poor mental health at work, with 23 million working days lost. Be Broadcast highlighted the urgency of addressing mental health challenges in the workplace and the broader community.
  2. Amy Conroy’s Inspiring Journey: Be Broadcast presented Amy Conroy’s personal story of resilience, overcoming cancer, and becoming a Paralympic champion. Her journey served as a source of inspiration, motivating individuals to speak up and seek help for burnout and stress.
  3. Raising Awareness: Through strategic storytelling and effective communication, Be Broadcast generated awareness about the mental health crisis in the UK. The case study encouraged individuals to take proactive steps towards improving mental well-being and seeking support when needed.

Co-op - Funeral Music 2023

Co-op challenged Be Broadcast to create a compelling strategic PR campaign to shed light on the emotional significance of funeral songs and facilitate conversations around funeral wishes. Be Broadcast rose to the challenge by executing a comprehensive PR campaign highlighting the power of music in honouring loved ones during funeral ceremonies.


  1. Overall Results: The campaign garnered 527 pieces of coverage in total, with an impressive reach of over 267,695,900 individuals, highlighting the significant impact of the media outreach.
  2. BBC Radio Network:
    – BBC Radio 5 Live featured the campaign, providing a platform to reach 5.5 million listeners.
    – The Zoe Ball Show on BBC Radio 2 also covered the story, further expanding the campaign’s reach.
    – BBC Radio 3, with a listenership of 1.9 million, aired content related to the campaign.
    – Other BBC regional stations, including BBC Radio Wiltshire, BBC Lancashire, and BBC Cumbria, covered the story, resulting in a total of 238 individual pieces of coverage.
  3. Commercial Radio Network: The campaign dominated the Commercial Radio Network, with a total of 1,322 pieces of coverage throughout the day, providing extensive reach and visibility.

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