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Our last blog – on the changes happening at BBC Radio 2 saw us asked several questions about broader BBC National radio targeting.

We’ve toplined the information below – of course, there are nuances but these are the basics to work from.

BBC Radio 1 is aimed at a younger audience of 15-29-year-olds, playing popular music across a variety of genres. It is also known for its engaging presenters and lively entertainment shows.

BBC Radio 2 and BBC Radio 3 both target an older audience of 35-54-year-olds but with different programming. BBC Radio 2 is known for its music and entertainment shows, while BBC Radio 3 focuses on classical music, jazz, and cultural programming.

BBC Radio 4 targets a more mature audience of 55 years and older, focusing on news, current affairs, drama, and cultural programming. Despite this, it still offers a diverse range of content that can appeal to a broader age range.

BBC Radio 5 Live targets a slightly younger audience of 25-54-year-olds, with a focus on sports coverage, news, and current affairs. It is known for its live coverage of major sporting events and its engaging presenters.

BBC 6 Music is aimed at music lovers aged 25-44 and focuses on various alternative and independent music genres. It is known for its unique programming and passionate presenters.

Finally, BBC Asian Network targets a younger audience of 15–34-year-olds with a focus on music and current affairs programming aimed at British Asians.

In conclusion, BBC Radio stations have a diverse range of programming and target specific age groups to ensure they provide relevant and engaging content to their audience.

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