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Radio enthusiasts who tune into their favourite stations via Freeview are about to experience a significant shift. Bauer Media Group, a titan in the broadcasting and digital industries, has announced that its radio stations will be withdrawn from the Freeview platform in the upcoming months. This move marks a pivotal change in the way listeners will access some of the UK’s most beloved radio stations.

Listeners of seven Bauer-owned stations have begun to notice advisory messages regarding this shift. Stations such as Greatest Hits Radio, Hits Radio, Kerrang! Radio, KISS Fresh, KISSTORY, and Magic Radio are slated for removal from Freeview on April 2nd, 2024. Not far behind, Absolute Radio will also exit the platform on May 10th, 2024. This decision follows a similar strategy undertaken in December 2023, when Bauer pulled all its stations from satellite and cable services.

Why the significant shift? The move can be traced back to the evolving landscape of digital radio listening. According to the latest figures from RAJAR, Digital Television accounts for less than 4% of total digital radio consumption. This statistic suggests that while traditional platforms are still used, a considerable portion of listeners are migrating towards newer, more versatile means of accessing their favorite shows and music.

For those worried about losing access to these stations, there’s a silver lining. Owners of smart TVs can continue enjoying all Bauer radio content by utilising the Radioplayer app, a comprehensive digital radio platform that offers a wide array of stations and podcasts. This change underscores the growing trend towards digital and app-based radio services, reflecting changing listener habits and technological advancements.

The shift away from traditional platforms like Freeview may initially inconvenience some listeners, but it also points to the broader industry movement towards more accessible, flexible, and comprehensive digital radio experiences. As we bid farewell to Bauer stations on Freeview, the evolution towards digital listening continues, promising a new era of radio that aligns with the contemporary listener’s lifestyle.

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