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At a recent advertising conference, radio and audio emerged as the medium with the brightest future, according to the votes of industry leaders.

The Media360 event held on Brighton Pier brought together senior executives from brands, agencies, and media owners for a day filled with insightful discussions and debates on the latest trends in advertising and marketing.

The conference concluded with “The Media360 Challenge: Rising Stars Edition,” where emerging talent presented mini-pitches advocating for their respective mediums. Radio/Audio stood out among the six contenders and was ultimately voted as the channel with the most promising future.

The Digital Product with Trust and Efficiency George Butler, Head of Commercial Marketing at Bauer Media, represented Radio/Audio in the challenge. He highlighted the unique advantages of audio advertising, emphasizing the combination of an incredible digital product with the reach, trust, and efficiency that only radio can deliver.

To further engage the audience, Butler enlisted the support of renowned radio personalities, including KISS star Tyler West, Greatest Hits Radio presenter Ken Bruce, and Hits Radio Breakfast hosts Fleur East and James Barr. Fleur East reminded attendees that radio advertising now incorporates the classic traits of traditional radio while offering the flexibility to customize creative elements, adjust sound based on time and location, and leverage digital targeting capabilities. Tyler West emphasized the personal connection that radio presenters establish with their listeners.

Radio/Audio After the mini-pitches concluded, industry leaders from across the advertising landscape cast their votes, resulting in Radio/Audio being crowned the medium with the brightest future, receiving an impressive 32% of the total vote.

The victory is a testament to the enduring appeal and potential of radio and audio in the evolving media landscape.

The Most Trusted Medium In addition to winning the accolade for the medium with the brightest future, radio also triumphed as the most trusted medium, as voted by the Media360 audience. The results positioned radio at the top of the trust hierarchy, followed by publishing and TV.

Rachel Forde, former CEO of UM London, supported this outcome by referencing research that demonstrated radio as Europe’s most trusted platform. With its regulatory framework and independently cleared advertisements, radio offers a reliable and trustworthy environment for advertisers.

The Media360 conference showcased the evolving landscape of advertising and marketing, inviting industry leaders to assess the future potential of different media channels.

Radio and audio emerged as the clear winners, claiming both the title of the medium with the brightest future and the most trusted medium. George Butler’s compelling pitch, backed by the endorsement of popular radio personalities, demonstrated that radio advertising combines the best of traditional radio with the advantages of digital targeting and customization. As the industry continues to adapt, radio and audio remain a powerful and trustworthy medium for advertisers, offering unparalleled reach, engagement, and brand-building opportunities.

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